H7VH is very proud to offer wellness plans for our patients. The plans are designed to provide annual preventive care for your pet.  Each wellness plan has been designed to provide convenient, affordable optimum health care for your pet. The plans include preventative treatments like vaccine and parasite prevention and routine diagnostics such as annual blood work and fecal testing. Some plans also include dental cleanings.  These comprehensive care plans are focused on disease prevention and management, leading to improved overall health for your pet. Each plan also includes unlimited free additional consultations for the year of the plan. Check out the links below for the specific details of each plan.

Plan members can spread the cost of the plan across the 12 months of the plan year to make it easier to budget your pet’s preventive healthcare needs.  Monthly payment can be automatically charged to a credit card. There is also the option of paying in full if preferred.

Canine Neuter Wellness Plans

Canine Spay Wellness Plans

Canine Wellness Plans

Feline Spay_Neuter Wellness Plans

Feline Wellness Plans