In House Diagnostics

At H7VH we are proud to offer several in house diagnostics including:

  • Diagnostic Bloodwork – includes a complete blood count and a biochemical profile which assess your pet’s electrolytes, liver and kidney function.
  • Snap Tests – sophisticated¬†patient-side¬†tests that can detect heartworm, lyme, parvo, and several others diseases.
  • Skin Cytology – diagnostics testing used to assess the skin for parasites, and other causes of skin infections.
  • Urinalysis – diagnostic to assess urine for infections, diabetes and kidney function.
  • Vaginal Cytology – performed on female dogs to help determine the optimum time to breed and enhance the success of pregnancy.

Please call and set up an appointment with one of our veterinarians to discuss how your pet may benefit from our in house diagnostics.