Obedience Training

A well trained pet is a happy pet!

Dogs love routine, they also love to please their owner.  Knowing what their owner wants by having been through training makes a dog a pleasure to be around and one that you can trust to be home alone.

The staff at H7VH would be happy to discuss helpful tips for training your pet, but we also recommend getting out there and doing it.

Several options are available.  For puppy training we recommend group training. This allows you to train your puppy as well as social them in a group setting.  Ensure that your puppy has at least two vaccines 1 month apart to prevent infection with diseases such as Distemper and Parvo.

For an older dog, possibly one with behaviour issues, we recommend private training working up to group training.

Recommended Trainer:

Let’s not forget the cats! Yes, cats can be trained too!…you just have to find the right motivation.

A great way to train both dogs and cats for obedience and fun tricks is clicker training.  Check out this link.